• Henry Charles Harford - ‘The Beetle Collector’

Henry Charles Harford - ‘The Beetle Collector’



Henry Charles Harford - ‘The Beetle Collector’
Hero of the Zulu War, Soldier and Entomologist.
By Dr David Payne and Emma Payne.   Edited by Dr Adrian Greaves FRGS
“Henry Charles Harford was my friend”
David Rattray FRGS
Entomologist and noted Zulu War Lecturer
The Royal Geographical Society
London 2006
Henry Charles Harford was an entomologist and a vibrant personality of the Anglo Zulu War. Harford had always fascinated David Rattray, the world famous lecturer on the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 and himself a qualified entomologist. David gave countless world-wide presentations and always wove the story of ‘Charlie Harford the beetle collector’ into his enthralling lectures. David was especially excited when the new material was discovered and he was delighted to hold and present Harford’s medal to his audience during his final Royal Geographical Society lecture in London - just four months before his untimely death.
With 151 new pictures, photographs and sketches
Publication date  9th May 2008
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