Society Update; Gold Sovereign & Zulu War Map Book Offer

The Gold Sovereign competition for the Rorke’s Drift village has been a sound success. The first payment has been made to the community and a further payment is to be made to Rorke’s Drift Church once we know what they need. Also, it is planned that David Payne, the Society accountant, will be visiting Rorke’s Drift in November to assess how the remainder of the fund can be put to its best use.

Answers to the competition question continue to be submitted and the answers have included an interesting selection of possible candidates! The winners will be announced and notified after the draw of the correct answers on 22 January 2016.

If you still haven’t entered the competition – now is the time as you could still win the 1879 gold sovereign prize or one of two runner–up prizes. Click here for details.

New…. Zulu War Map Book offer. The Gold Sovereign competition maps have been very popular – so much so that I have been commissioned to prepare an original hand-drawn ‘coffee table’ book of 25 similar maps. These will cover all the 1879 engagements and main activities of the war; the book will be in colour, in greater detail and with more ‘snippets’ included, each with a concise description of what is portrayed. It will be a large sized book, with an appropriate hard cover and all maps printed on one side only on high quality artist paper. The client has also ordered ten full size copies, one of which is for an HRH, and one each for a member of the House of Commons and House of Lords respectively. The copyright permits me to have a further 190 identical same-size copies produced for Society members with the profits to be donated to the Rorke’s Drift community. On that basis I will give my time free of charge to prepare the whole project. The cost of each copy to members will be £100 incl. p&p. If you wish to order a copy, please click here for more info and complete the short form so that I can gauge the size of the actual print run.

Only the exact number of books ordered will be printed, to the maximum of 200 copies. Each signed copy will be identical to the original in size, artist paper, colour and hard cover. Each purchaser will be entered into a draw for a mint copy of The David Rattray Foundation book The History, The Future, The Legacy by George Irwin, with forwards by HRH The Prince of Wales and Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP.*

The target delivery date is Easter next year at the latest. I hope you will support this project; this will be my last published work.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Greaves

September 1, 2015 12:00 am

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