• Zulu Rising

Zulu Rising



Ian Knight’s new book ‘Zulu Rising’, is now due to be published by Macmillans early next year and is now listed on Amazon. It’s an epic re-telling of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift which seeks to set the battles in the context of a catastrophic clash of cultures by exploring the documented lives of a number of individuals on both sides whose paths cross on the battlefields.

Having read some extracts, I can safely say it promises to be Ian’s best book yet, merging his usual meticulous research with a more expressive and evocative style of writing to invest the story with the sense of tragic grandeur it deserves. This is certainly ‘not just another book on Isandlwana’, and should be eagerly awaited by anyone with a passing interest in the war.

Dr Adrian Greaves