The Society includes the publication of articles, letters and reviews likely to be of interest students of the Anglo Zulu war of 1879. Publication takes the form of two quality Anglo Zulu Historical Society journals published on-line, in June and December of each year containing articles of a high academic standard. The contributions are detailed, incisive and explanatory. Any thought provoking or controversial issues are tactfully examined. The journals do not contain or rely heavily on material that has previously been exhausted by repetition. Rather, the intention is to evaluate previously accepted accounts and theories of Anglo Zulu War battles, and associated events, in the light of modern research and material.

Only Founder Members and Members can access these journals. They may make written contributions, request information, have access to our research, advertise and use advertisers services at a discount and purchase appropriate Society items such as back copies of previous Society journals, audio tapes, ties and sweatshirts. Members’ contributions to the Journal are welcome, as are letters, requests for specific information and appropriate advertisements. Guidance and advice is also given regarding visiting the battlefields, either with an organised group or individually.

Membership of the Society costs £30 per annum. Each year’s subscription entitles the new member to access all current and past editions of the Journal. Members are entitled to purchase back copies for £10 each, subject to availability. Journals are A4 size and bound with a dignified and attractive stiff cover to enhance their presentation and collectability.

The Journal Editor and collator is Dr. Adrian Greaves, a former army officer who served with the 1st Battalion The Welch Regiment*, now the Royal Regiment of Wales. He is an experienced Zululand battlefield guide; he has studied the Anglo Zulu War for many years and carefully researched associated library material. Other Journal contributors include accomplished guides of the battlefields of Zululand as well as experts on the war’s medals and awards, weaponry and ordnance, history and culture.

At a later stage, a full analysis will detail the British policy which led to the suppression of the Zulu nation and the Zulu rebellion of 1906. Classic, recent and new books dealing with the war will be reviewed. A selection of current location photographs will accompany appropriate articles. It is also intended to run a series of interviews with modern personalities who are either experts of; or closely connected with research into, the Anglo Zulu War.

The Anglo Zulu War Historical Society cordially invite you to join this exciting venture, whether you are an avid Zulu War fan, a serious researcher, just interested in this unique military campaign or even planning a special visit to the magnificent battlefields of Zululand. We look forward to hearing from you. All applications will be acknowledged. We offer you an interesting and stimulating membership.


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