Death of Rob Gerrard at Isandlwana

Many Society members who have been to Isandlwana over the last 20 years will have met Rob Gerrard. Rob was formally a guide at Fugitives Drift Lodge until, about 15 years ago, he moved to Isandlwana Lodge as their chief guide.

Rob appears to have suffered a broken arm earlier this year and, with his arm in a sling, robbers may have thought he was an easy target. Rob was in his room at the lodge when robbers attacked him to steal his pistol and two rifles. Rob would have put up a fierce fight as they left him severely injured. He was taken to Ladysmith Hospital but later died.

I was privileged to have known Rob during this period and I spent many hours with him walking across Isandlwana and the routes to Rorke’s Drift. His slightly stooped gait and slouch hat were his hallmarks – along with his renditions on the battlefields of his eloquent ‘military style’ orations.

We have lost another friend on the battlefields and Rob’s passing saddens me greatly.

Adrian Greaves

Details can be found on The Daily Telegraph website:

September 22, 2016 12:00 am

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